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Gain Control in Key Areas of Your Life

Change can happen in more than one area of your life at once—at home, to your health, to your family. Sometimes your individual change areas can feel somewhat manageable. But when change occurs in several areas, it can feel overwhelming, leading to a great deal of confusion and uncertainty.

By looking at your life in 8 key areas, you can get a clearer focus on the parts of your life that are currently stable, those that are changing, and how well you are responding to these changes. This helps you recognize which areas you want to concentrate on. As you focus on stabilizing one area at a time, you will regain a sense of control over multiple changes. 

Here are the 8 key areas of life, along with a brief description of each. For each area, select the option that best describes the changes happening in this part of your life. 

1. Home—where you live and how you live
2. Relationships—your partner, family, friends, and community
3. Health—your level of health, physical fitness, and leisure
4. Personal—your spiritual, emotional, and personal development
5. Learning—your skills, training, and knowledge
6. Finances—the money you earn and the expenses you have
7. Work—any paid or volunteer work you do
8. Workplace—where you work and the people you work with

An Exercise in Control

Even if the change is one you have chosen, you may still feel that you’ve lost control over the direction your life has taken. If the change is involuntary, you may feel especially threatened. Here is another exercise that can help you focus your attention when responding to change.

(e.g. my attitude)
(e.g. whether I work part time or full time)
(e.g. my age)

Next, focus on those changes you can control or somewhat control. Identify ways to keep yourself centred on these areas. Let go of the things you cannot control.

Put your energy into areas where you can have some impact and see results, and you will begin to regain a sense of being in charge. Accept that there are some things that are not within your ability to control. By letting go of those, you can begin the process of moving forward.

Start working on your plan right away. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. You will find that it will focus your energy and lead to improvements in this area of your life. Once you have increased stability in one area, choose another. You will find a sense of control returning—one change at a time!

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