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How Does Your Attitude Measure Up?

A positive attitude makes work and life more rewarding. Good things seem to happen to people with positive attitudes.

Because they seem to be full of energy and enthusiasm, positive people are fun to be with. On the other hand, negative colleagues can make work a challenge for their co-workers and even themselves.

Being positive at work isn't only about showing enthusiasm—it's also about having positive work habits and behaviours. Positive employees show up on time, take pride in doing tasks well, show initiative, manage risks, and act honestly and ethically.  

You may spend up to 40% of your waking hours at work. Since your attitude goes a long way toward making work a pleasure or a pain, it makes sense to take a positive attitude with you to work!

Your attitude says a lot about you. Employers recognize the importance of a positive attitude, and often "hire for attitude and train for skills."

To find out how positive your attitude is, try the following quick quiz.

Take the quick attitude quiz

Below each question, enter the number for the response that best describes you most of the time. Work quickly and go with your first reaction.

Yes – 3   Sometimes – 2    No – 1


Have a positively good day

Here are a few tips for staying positive all day long:

  • Start your day by looking for something good that is happening. It may be the sun shining, a bird singing, a refreshing drink of water or your pet showing its affection for you.
  • Choose your attitude for the day. Focus on the good.
  • Give someone an unexpected compliment.
  • Ignore the bad drivers on the road.
  • Really listen to what people are saying and focus on understanding them.
  • Read biographies and see the challenges others have overcome.
  • Help someone.
  • Explore your spiritual life.
  • Before going to sleep, review your day and note the small positive things that happened.

Discover the value of a positive attitude

A positive attitude lets you find satisfaction in every aspect of your life. It can be the difference between success and failure. Your positives will help you:

  • Adapt to change
  • Find work and keep it
  • Build your career
  • Balance your lifestyle
  • Make the most of learning opportunities
  • Create more satisfying relationships

People aren't born with attitudes. Attitudes are based on what you’ve learned and experienced, and affect the way you think, act and feel. This means you can get rid of a negative attitude that does not support you and replace it with a positive one that does.

A positive attitude in the workplace has a positive effect on co-workers and customers. Put your positive attitude to work for you.

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