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High 5 Your Way to Success

Just starting out on your career journey? Or making a change midway? These useful High 5 ideas can help you manage the changes in your life and work to create the future you want.

Canadian career experts created the High 5 messages. They’re based on the concept that the pathway of your education, work, and life is not a straight line, but a work in progress. The High 5 messages can guide you along the way.

1. Change is constant

Change is happening faster than ever before. Information, globalization, and new technology, from smart phones and social networking to artificial intelligence and automation, are transforming the world. They are also changing how we work.

Your ability to manage change—to be flexible and stay open to opportunity—is a vital skill. What’s the best way for you to manage change? Know yourself and keep learning.

2. Follow your heart

When things around you change, knowing your values, interests and dreams can help keep you on your career path. Your vision for where you want to go gives you the energy to go after what you want. That vision may change over time, but if you stay in touch with yourself, you’ll find your direction.

3. Keep learning

Learning is lifelong. It takes many forms and happens in all kinds of environments. Learning is an essential tool for managing change. It helps you keep up with new developments in your field and in society. School, or formal learning, is one part of learning. Informal learning about yourself, your life and your opportunities happens all the time. If you stay open to people and experiences, you’ll keep learning.

4. Focus on the journey

Each step shapes the next step in your life’s journey. Goals are important, but you can also focus too much energy on far-off goals. That can keep you from adapting to the changes and challenges happening right now. If you can see the day-to-day detours in your life as a chance to check out different directions, you’ll benefit from all your experiences. You may find opportunities you would have missed otherwise.

5. Be an ally

Stay connected with people, both on- and offline. Make new contacts. Learn through talking with others. The people you know, like family, friends, co-workers, and teachers, are on a career journey as well. They may be willing to share ideas, skills, and resources. Sometimes you’ll ask for assistance and sometimes you’ll provide it. Either way, being an ally is an appropriate and enriching way to relate to people in your network and community.

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