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Your Resources for Handling Challenges
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No matter how much effort you put into getting ready to pursue your preferred option, you will probably encounter a challenge or two. It makes sense to recognize potential challenges and plan to overcome them.

Those challenges could include

  • funding a post-secondary program
  • child care
  • transportation
  • flexibility from employers or family members
  • accommodations, if you have a disability


Regardless of your age, stage of life or preferred career path, your most helpful resource is often the people in your network, especially your friends and family.

For other sources of support and assistance in handling challenges, visit There, you'll find services and benefits for work or training, low income, disabilities, personal safety, homelessness, and more.

My resources for handling challenges

Use the chart below to identify your challenges and how you plan to handle them. Add 1 for each option you're considering.

  • Identify the challenges that stand between you and each option. Type in the challenges in the appropriate space in the chart.
  • Brainstorm to come up with many ways to handle each challenge. Type in your best ideas under Possible Resources.
  • Ask friends and family for their ideas.

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