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Self-Assessment Tools

To find a career that fits you, you need to know about yourself. Self-assessment—or identifying what's important to you—is the first step towards making effective career decisions. Your career foundation is based on four things:

 Who you are
 What you do best
 The places (environments) and people that give you energy
 The things that motivate you

Get Started Now

Use ALIS' free interactive career planning tool to discover your interests, abilities, skills, values and multiple intelligences, explore options, and more - CAREERinsite

Visit Career Cruising (available through many local Alberta Works Centres or high schools)

Discover Your Interests and Employability Skills

Find Out Your Personality Type

Ask these questions when reviewing your results:

  • What were the top three results on each quiz?
  • Do similar findings keep coming up?
  • Are the results realistic for you?
For a more in-depth self-assessment, see Know Yourself in CAREERinsite
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