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Municipal Assessor

Municipal assessors determine the value of land, buildings, businesses, structures and certain types of equipment for property tax purposes.


Alberta Assessors' Association
10555 - 172 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada  T5S 1P1
Phone number: 780-483-4222
Fax number: 780-487-7505


Accredited Municipal Assessor of Alberta is a protected title under Alberta's Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act. This means that to call yourself an Accredited Municipal Assessor of Alberta, you must be a registered member of the Alberta Assessors' Association (AAA). You do not have to be registered if you do not call yourself an Accredited Municipal Assessor of Alberta.

What You Need

Registration as an Accredited Municipal Assessor of Alberta requires: (1) the applicant to be legally authorized to work in Canada, (2) a diploma or degree in assessment from an approved post-secondary educational institution, or equivalent, (3) at least one year as a Candidate member of AAA, (4) at least four years of assessment experience, or equivalent, (5) an acceptable demonstration assessment report and oral interview, and (6) acceptable references. For official, detailed information about registration requirements, visit the AAA website or contact the AAA.

Working in Alberta

Municipal assessors who are certified by and in good standing with a regulatory organization elsewhere in Canada may be eligible for certification in Alberta if certified assessors in the two jurisdictions have similar responsibilities and competencies. For more information, see "What if I am already certified in another province or territory?" and the Alberta regulatory authority (below).

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