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Pesticide Applicator and Dispenser

Pesticide applicators use pesticides (chemicals) to control pests (for example, weeds or destructive insects or animals) as part of their paid employment. Pesticide dispensers sell and store pesticides as part of their paid employment. For related information, see the Arborist, Greenhouse Operator, Market Gardener, Nursery Operator, Pest Control Operator and Turfgrass Management Specialist occupational profiles in OCCinfo.


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Under Alberta's Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Pesticide (Ministerial) Regulation, you must be a commercial agriculturalist (farmer) or a certified pesticide applicator, or supervised by someone who is certified, to apply a commercial pesticide (for example, insecticide, herbicide or fungicide). You must be a certified dispenser to sell pesticides. There are two types of dispensers in Alberta: (1) Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispensers sell domestic class pesticides, and (2) Commercial Dispensers sell domestic, commercial and restricted class pesticides.

What You Need

Certification requires successful completion of an exam. A preparatory course is available through home study materials or classroom tutorials. For official, detailed information about certification requirements, contact Alberta Environment and Parks or visit their website.

Working in Alberta

Pesticide applicator and dispensers who are certified by and in good standing with a regulatory organization elsewhere in Canada may be eligible for certification in Alberta if certified pesticide applicators and dispensers in the two jurisdictions have similar responsibilities and competencies. For more information, see "What if I am already certified in another province or territory?" and the Alberta regulatory authority (below).

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