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Graduates (between 2005 and 2013) from Alberta’s 25 publicly funded post-secondary institutions are followed over time to study the changes in their income.

Graduate's income information is collected from the first tax year following graduation and on. 

Earnings are:

  • rounded to the nearest $100
  • expressed in real 2015 dollars using the Alberta Consumer Price Index - All Items (CPI)

Graduates who complete a personal tax return in Canada are included in the study. 

Those people not included in the study are:

  • graduates enrolled full-time in an additional post-secondary program 
  • international students
  • individuals who earned self-employment income

Other factors that can influence annual earnings that cannot be accounted for are:

  • years of prior work experience
  • number of hours worked per year
  • field of employment
  • local labour markets
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