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Your Career

Your Very Own Board of Directors

Behind many successful organizations sits a board of directors—people chosen for their skills and experience, each bringing their own vision and viewpoint to the table to support the organization they serve.

Whether or not you’re aware of it, you probably already have a board of directors—people who:

  • Inspire you
  • Live and act in ways you admire
  • Support and guide you

Your board of directors can include people you know and people you’ve never met, celebrities, your heroes from fiction, sports or the arts, friends, and family members.

  • Whose photo do you have on your phone, in your room, or in your locker?
  • Which superhero, athlete, musician, or actor do you share posts about, or is on a poster in your room?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • Who is your favourite teacher?
  • Which family member do you most admire or feel closest to?

Your board of directors, even the ones you’ve never met, can help you in many ways:

  • Call a board member to talk over your decisions, problems, and successes.
  • Ask a board member to help you connect with people who work in occupations or attend programs you’re interested in.
  • Invite your board members to talk about their careers, their challenges and successes, and things they’d do differently. If they’re celebrities or historical figures, learn more about them.
  • Think about why you chose each board member. What skills, attitudes, achievements, experiences, or resources do they have that you admire? How could you model yourself on them?

Let them inspire you!

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