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e-Resumé Review Service

The Career Information Hotline provides a resumé review service free of charge to residents of Alberta only.

Before Submitting Your Resumé

  1. Make sure your resumé is up-to-date.
  2. Access any of the resources for resumé preparation on the ALIS website.

  3. Make changes to your resumé.

Review of Your Resumé

Career Advisors will review your resumé and provide feedback based on:

  • accuracy
  • clarity and relevance
  • completeness
  • conciseness
  • content
  • description of skills and accomplishments
  • format and length
  • overall appearance

Privacy and Protection of Information

It is our policy to remove your e-Resumé information from our system within 90 days. Click on the Privacy Statement to review the general ALIS privacy statement. The submission form and database is in a secure environment to ensure the integrity of your information.

Secure e-Resumé Submission

Access the secure form by clicking on the Continue button below to submit your e-Resumé for review.

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