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Junior Forest Rangers

Bull of the Woods

Every year the JFR program brings all of our crews together to take part in a 2-day event called Bull of the Woods (BOTW).

It is one of the few times in the summer where all the JFR crews get together. Family and friends of the crew members and leaders are invited to take part in the event.

To see photos from our 2023 Bull of the Woods event, check out our Facebook page!

The first day is an Indigenous Culture Day where everyone takes part in:

  • Dancing
  • Crafts
  • Drumming
  • Traditional Games
  • Storytelling
  • Eating and drinking traditional food and drinks

  person drumming

The second day is a light-hearted competition where all crews compete against one another in a number of different events, possibly including:

  • Swede saw and Wayjax relay
  • Communication challenge
  • Jiffer Jeopardy 
  • Master Chef: JFR Edition
  • Leader event
  • Fire building
  • Crew Presentation
  • Bushcraft and Photo contests


History of Bull of the Woods

Bull of the Woods is a traditional name for forestry or logging sports competition. One of the early uses of the term was reserved for the person in charge of a field logging operation.

For our JFR crews, BOTW is a crew competition rather than an individual one.

Some of the events are still logging based, while others are related to wildfire, outdoor survival and natural resource management knowledge.

Since 1985, the competition has showcased over 4,000 crew members in various skill-testing events.



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