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Industry Outlooks

What will the future be for specific Alberta industries? Can you count on work in these industries in the future? Learn more about the forecasts for economic and trade activity in key industry sectors in the province. You can use this information to help you plan your career and find employment.

Alberta Industry Information

Industry information provides details such as:

  • names of companies within these industries
  • number of employees estimated to work in these sectors
  • types of projects currently underway
  • contact directories.

Visit these websites for specific industry-related information to help you learn more about companies and industries in Alberta.


Canada-wide Industry Information

Sector Councils

Sector councils are strategic alliances of workers, employers, educators and governments who work together to ensure that Canadians have what they need to succeed in the job market.

Check out these websites for more Canadian industry-related information: 

  • Indigenous Works —advances the full participation of Indigenous people in Canada's labour market on a national level. Develops and markets human resource products that help employers, training institutions, government organizations and the Indigenous community build career development strategies and learning/workplaces of inclusion that attract, retain and advance Aboriginal people.

  • Buildforce Canada —promotes the construction industry in Canada and works to ensure that there are enough skilled workers to meet the industry's future needs.

  • Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council —features products, information about programs, news and resources relevant to the Canadian supply chain sector. Some examples include career profiles, pathways, videos, the Women in Supply Chain initiative and more.
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