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Researching Employer Websites

An employer’s website can be a good source of work search information.

If an employer’s website is well–maintained, exploring it can sometimes take the place of an informational interview.

At an employer’s website, you can:

  • Learn more about a specific job
  • Find a job lead
  • See if your skills match the organization’s needs
  • Identify the organization’s products and services
  • Learn about company goals and culture
  • Find out what it might be like to work at the organization

Find an employer's website using the organization's name in a search engine or linking through a business directory.

Take a tour of an employer’s website

  • Learn about the company’s products and services. If you’re interested in a particular position, what product or service is it related to?
  • Check out the company’s customers. Who are the customers in the area you’re interested in? Follow links to customers’ websites and explore them if available.
  • Find out where the company is located and where it does business (these are not always the same place). Is the organization active in your area? Would you consider moving to take a job?
  • If they’re available on the site, read recent news releases, backgrounders, presentations and so on. Subscribe to the company’s newsletter. This online information may be a good source for questions to ask in an interview. For example, how will the company be meeting the demands of its newly expanded market?
  • Look for financial information. If it’s a public company (owned by shareholders), this information will likely be on the website. Use this information to assess a job offer or your opportunity for promotion. For example, does the company appear stable? Will a dip in stock prices mean layoffs or downsizing?
  • Visit the Careers, Jobs or Working For Us pages to learn about company values and culture. What’s expected of employees? What are the rewards, financial and otherwise, of working for the company? How do you apply for work? Is there an online application process.
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