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Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology


Geologists examine rocks from Earth’s surface and subsurface to study the nature and history of the earth’s crust. Geophysicists study the water, surface, and internal composition of Earth.

Before 2014, APEGA awarded the titles of professional geologist and professional geophysicist. These titles remain valid for those who hold them. New applicants can only receive the title of professional geoscientist.


Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
Toll-free in North America: 1-800-661-7020

Head Office
1500 Tower One
10060 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4A2

Call: 780-426-3990
Fax: 780-426-1877

Calgary Office
Bow Valley Square 2, Suite 3700
205 - 5th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2V7

Call: 403-262-7714


Under Alberta’s Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act [pdf] and Engineering and Geoscience Professions General Regulation [pdf], you must register as a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) to practice as a Professional Geoscientist or engage in the practice of geoscience.

You do not have to register if you work under the direct supervision of a professional geoscientist and do not call yourself a Professional Geoscientist.

What You Need

To register as a professional geoscientist (P.Geo.) in Alberta, you need:

  • A 4-year bachelor’s degree in geology or geophysics, or APEGA-approved equivalent education
  • At least 4 years of acceptable work experience supervised by a professional geoscientist or a professional engineer
  • At least 3 acceptable references
  • Successful completion of the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE)
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent residency

There are 3 other membership types for geoscientists.

A professional licensee (geoscience):

  • Can independently practise engineering within a defined scope of practice
  • Can use the protected title Professional Licensee (Geoscience) or P.L. (Geo.)
  • Has met the educational and work experience requirements for a professional licensee

A geoscientist licensee:

  • Can independently practise geoscience
  • Cannot use the APEGA protected titles
  • Has met all the requirements for a professional geoscientist, but is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

A geoscientist-in-training:

  • Can practise geoscience under the direct supervision of a professional geoscientist or professional engineer
  • Can use the title Geoscientist-in-Training (G.I.T.)
  • Has met the academic requirements but not the work experience requirements for professional geoscientist

For details about all registration requirements, contact APEGA or visit the APEGA website.

Working in Alberta

Geoscientists who are registered and in good standing with a regulatory body elsewhere in Canada may be eligible for registration in Alberta.

For more information, see What if I am already certified in another province or territory in Canada? and the APEGA website.

The certification information in this profile may change at any time and without notice. Before making any career decisions, we advise you to contact the regulatory organization or visit their website for the most updated information.

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