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Intercultural Competencies for Leaders Certificate

Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College
This certificate program is designed for anyone working in diverse workplace settings. Skills learned in the program will support effective communication with an increased understanding in working with others who come from diverse backgrounds.
Participants will need to successfully complete 4 courses to earn the certificate. Courses 1 and 2 are the foundational courses and it is highly recommended when taking the full certificate to take them in order. This will enrich your learning experience and give you more opportunity to develop and practice the intercultural communication skills needed for the modern workplace. Participants can choose which two of the remaining courses they wish to complete to earn the certificate. Participants are evaluated on their participation in the program; must satisfactorily complete all requirements and achieve a 65% minimum on the final quiz. Requirements include participating in and completing:
  • 12 hours online content and assignments
  • 1 final course quiz (minimum passing grade 65%)
  • 1 comprehensive final assignment

Registrar's Office
345-6 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4V1, Canada

Apply Now
  • Program Type Occupational
  • Credential Type Certificate *
  • Length 24 Hour(s) 4 courses (24 hours)
  • Part Time Only
  • Cooperative Education
  • Continuing Education Only
  • Distance Learning Only

* Certificate of Completion

Admission Requirements

Distance Delivery Options


Transfer(s) Eligibility

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Transfer(s) available outside of Transfer Alberta: Not available

Updated July 07, 2017. The information contained in this profile is current as of the date shown.

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