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Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering Energy Engineering

University of Calgary

University of Calgary
ENERGY ENGINEERING, REGULAR PROGRAM Suggested Sequence of Courses Courses that span two terms can be taken in either term. Year 2 Spring Summer Energy Engg 260 Energy Engg 240 Engg 200 Energy Engg 360 Complementary Studies Course Engg 201 Third Year Fall Winter Energy and Environment 355 Energy Engg 350 Energy Engg 300 Energy Engg 400 Energy Engg 460 Energy Engg 480 Energy Engg 340 Engg 311 Petroleum Engg 523 Engg 481 Chemistry 209 Science Option1 Third Year Spring Summer Engg 3192 Engg 5132 Fourth Year Fall Winter Engg 501 Engg 502 Energy Engg 425 Energy Engg 570 Energy Engg 560 Petroleum Engg 533 Complementary Studies Course Energy and Environment 503 Mechanical Engg 471 Science Option1 Technical Elective Couse Technical Elective Course 1 The courses that are acceptable for the Science option include Biology 241, Chemistry 321, Chemistry 357, Geology 377, Physics 369, and Science 529. Other courses from the Faculty of Science may be substituted with approval of the student's department and the relevant department in the Faculty of Science. 2 Online Course ENERGY ENGG APPROVED TECHNICAL ELECTIVES Select two half-course equivalents. Energy and Environment Engg 575 Petroleum Engg 515 Mechanical Engg 421 Petroleum Engg 525 Mechanical Engg 505 Petroleum Engg 561 Mechanical Engg 521 Petroleum Engg 563 Mechanical Engg 583 Petroleum Engg 571 Mechanical Engg 599 Petroleum Engg 573 Petroleum Engg 507 Notes: 1. Students wishing to focus their electives in mechanical Engg should choose their technical electives from Mechanical Engg 421, 521, 583, and 599; students wishing to focus their electives in petroleum Engg should choose their technical electives from Petroleum Engg 507, 515, 561, 563, 571, and 573. 2. Technical electives in the undergraduate program and all graduate courses are offered, in any academic year, at the discretion of the department.

Admissions and Recruitment Office
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4, Canada

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  • Program Type Bachelor's
  • Credential Type Degree
  • Length 4 Years
  • Part Time Only
  • Cooperative Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Distance Learning
Admission Requirements
The University of Calgary's admission requirements are specific to each major and will vary depending on your educational background. To access the admission requirements specific to your application type and education system, please visit:

Student Aid

This program is eligible for full-time post-secondary assistance by Alberta Student Aid for the funding year 2023/08/01 to 2024/07/31*.

  • Tuition $10,890.00 Year One
  • Books/Supplies/Instruments $3,192.00 Year One
  • Mandatory Fees $1,518.00 Year One

* Tuition, books, supplies, instruments, and other/mandatory fees are provided to Alberta Student Aid and may be used when processing full-time post-secondary funding applications. The educational costs provided are based on a 100% full-course load and may not reflect current or all educational costs charged by the school. Contact the school to obtain accurate educational cost information.

Transfer(s) Eligibility

Search Transfer Alberta for course and program transfer information including transfer agreements between post-secondary schools in Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.

Transfer(s) available outside of Transfer Alberta: Not available

Updated November 06, 2023. The information contained in this profile is current as of the date shown.

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