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Survey Methodology

What is the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey?

The 2021 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey is an employer survey reporting wages across a wide number of occupations. This survey is conducted every 2 years to gather information from employers on wages and salaries for full-time and part-time employees in Alberta. The information is broken down by occupational, geographic area and industry group.

Who conducted the survey?

R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. conducted the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

Understanding the data

The 2021 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey uses the 2016 National Occupation Classification (NOC) system. Data for each wage profile are presented at the 4-digit NOC level.

Data reliability is a measure of the ability to reproduce the results again and again as required. Despite the large number of survey responses (just over 6,500), data reliability decreases when it is examined at a regional or industry level.

The following categories of reliability were used to help readers interpret the accuracy of the data:

A. High Reliability

B. Good Reliability

C. Lower Reliability

D. Lowest Reliability

For further information, read the detailed Methodology Report.

For survey summary information, see the Survey Overview.

Information disclaimer

It is important to note that the results of the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey are estimates based on a sample of employers. In order to make an informed wage and salary decision, we recommend you research other wage sources [pdf] available to supplement the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey results.

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