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Plan Your Career

Discover Your Personality Type

Do you know your personality type? Have you ever thought about the kinds of work that would best suit your personality? Try these quizzes to find out.

What’s the right job for you? You probably know that your abilities and interests are important to finding the right occupation. So are your values and professional and financial goals. But it’s also important to make sure your career choice is a good fit for your personality. A good fit gives you the best chance of enjoying your work, performing it well and avoiding too much stress on the job.

For example, you may decide that being an accountant would match your financial goals. But if you strongly dislike detail work, you may not do well and you probably won’t enjoy yourself.

You’ll get the most fulfilment (and least stress) from work that lines up with your personality. Think in terms of what you prefer when it comes to things like organization, discipline and decision-making. A personality test can help you understand your personality traits. It can also suggest why you are better suited for one job over another.

Try some personality tests to learn more about your personality

Once you’ve taken the tests and reviewed the results, ask yourself:

  • What are the top 3 results on each test?
  • Do similar findings keep coming up?
  • Are the results realistic for you?
  • What kind of work seems to suit your personality?

For example, if most of the tests say you’re an introvert, you may want to consider jobs that let you work a lot on your own. Extroverts, who get energy from being with other people, might be happier doing teamwork. An introvert would probably be very unhappy as a salesperson or a teacher. An extrovert may not enjoy spending hours coding software.

For a more in-depth self-assessment, see Know Yourself in CAREERinsite.

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