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Qualities You'd Like to Develop Worksheet

I Know Someone Who...


Qualities you admire and would like to develop:

  1. Think of a person you really respect—someone who has a number of qualities you admire. It may be someone you know personally, or it could be a public figure or role model.
  2. In the worksheet below, list the qualities you admire in this person.
  3. Read through your list and decide if you would like to develop or enhance in yourself.
  4. Describe why and how you would like to develop these qualities.

    If you run out of characteristics you admire in one person before you have finished the worksheet, choose another person and continue the exercise. If you run out of characteristics for yourself, check out a list of traits for more ideas. 

Here is how one person described her friend, Alana.

Alana's Qualities

  • Outgoing personality. Talks easily with people
  • Thoughtful. Always doing things for others
  • Organized
  • Speaks mind truthfully, but with consideration
  • Dependable. Always there to lend a helping hand when needed

Qualities to develop and how

  • I'm usually shy and quiet around people. I'd like to learn to talk more easily with others by observing Alana.
  • I'm less organized than I would like to be. I often have great ideas, but don't always seem to be organized enough to get things done. So I will  make schedules and deadlines and not procrastinate.



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