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This activity will take you approximately 10 minutes.

Traits are the behaviours and characteristics you bring to an occupation and a workplace that make you who you are.

It's possible that the significant experiences you identified are important to you because they allowed you to express some positive traits. Examples of traits include:

  • Dependability
  • Flexibility
  • Curiosity
  • Respect for others
  • Cheerfulness
  • Self-reliance

From the list below, select the traits that played a part in your significant experiences. You do not need to select traits in each group. 

If you don’t see traits you used in your experiences, type them in the text boxes at the bottom,  

Check out Develop Your Core Skills and Traits, The Tendencies That Make You Tick, or contact Alberta Supports if you would like more information.

Traits A-C


You are adaptable when you have a realistic view of the situation you are in and recognize that change is certain. You are aware that you cannot control everything. You know that life changes will cause stress, and you know how to manage stress. You can compromise, are prepared to make changes in your life, and you are willing to try new ways of doing things. You are flexible and prepared when unexpected situations arise. 


You show commitment to an employer or your work when you show you have a desire to be employed and demonstrate a positive attitude toward working. You are prepared to start your job on time, are able to work under supervision and take direction. You do what is needed to complete your assigned tasks, you do your best at your job and take responsibility for your errors and make corrections.


You are courteous when you pay attention to the needs and feelings of those around you and listen to others when they speak to you. You offer to help others before you are asked. You follow the basic rules of politeness (e.g. saying “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me”) and treat others with respect.

Traits D-H


You are dependable when you show you have a desire to work, you come to work on time, leave and return on breaks as scheduled, and don't miss time from work. You are organized and pay attention to quality, complete tasks that you said you would, are accountable for your actions, and don’t blame others.


You are honest (or have integrity) when you are truthful when dealing with others, and live up to your values. You present yourself and your values accurately in your social media presence. You express your concerns when you feel something might be dishonest, and avoid participating in gossip. You follow your workplace’s guidelines for confidentiality, and you check your work for accuracy.

Traits I-P


You have a positive attitude when you focus on good things that happen during the day. You believe in your ability to do a job well, you trust yourself and others, and avoid blaming others for things that go wrong. You recognize negative influences, expect positive results, and prevent bad experiences from affecting other areas in your life. You have the courage to try new things, and are friendly and smile.

Traits Q-Z

Safety conscious

You know you are safety conscious when you can identify health and safety hazards in the workplace, and are aware of legislation related to safe work practices. You demonstrate safe work practices, take training, if needed, before operating tools and equipment. You wear safety gear as required, and inform others of unsafe conditions.

Willingness to learn

You have a willingness to learn when you admit there is always more to learn, and you show others that you are eager to learn new things. You identify skills you want to develop and the new things you would like to learn. You try to learn from your mistakes. You know how you learn best and you know what learning opportunities are available to you (e.g. courses, workshops, help from co-workers, supervisors or mentors).

Other Traits

Did your significant experiences involve traits that aren't on the list? Add them here.


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