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Pick the Best Job For You ✓ Easy Reading

You can do many different jobs. In these exercises, you will pick the job that is best for you right now.

Easy Reading Dictionary

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Your best job choice is a job you want to do. You will do many things you like to do. You will probably like the working conditions. For example, working indoors or working outdoors.

Exercise 1: Choose your best job

Looks at your information from the Compare Your Top Job Choices exercise. Look at the things you like and the things you don’t like about each job. You can ask your career advisor or tutor to help you.

  • How many things you like (good things) did you write down?
  • How many things you don’t like (not so good things) did you write down?
  • Is one job better for you than another job?

Look at your answers

Will some things be a problem for you? For example, child care, money, reading, and writing skills. Talk to your family and friends about these things. Talk to your career advisor or tutor too. These people can help you find solutions (answers) to your problems.

What will you do next?

You have chosen the best job for you. Great! Is that job your short-term goal? Is it a long-term goal? It's important to have goals. Take some time to Choose Your Job Goals.

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