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The third step in planning your career is to get ready and evaluate your career options. Follow these suggestions to help identify the best option for you.

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Compare Your Occupational Options

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If you're ready to compare and focus your career options, go to Compare Options.

If you're not ready, try the following suggestions:

Reflect on Your Career Plan

At any point in the career planning process, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. You're gathering information, identifying and comparing options, thinking about next steps. When you're engaged in this process, you're balancing many large and small concerns that could have a profound effect on your future.


Find Out Employer's Requirements

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As part of your career plan, you'll need to find out the requirements employers have for the options you choose.

Learning Requirements

Find out if you need more formal or informal education.

Working Requirements

Focus on the working requirements for the occupation you are interested.

Your Resources for Handling Challenges

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No matter how much effort you put into getting ready to pursue your preferred option, you will probably encounter a challenge or two. It makes sense to recognize potential challenges and plan to overcome them.

What if I make a wrong decision?

Career planning is more than making one big decision about what you'll do for the rest of your life. Career planning is about continually making choices and exploring opportunities.

When you are planning your career, every decision you make, big or small, is a career decision. In this view, everything in your work-related life affects your life outside of work and vice versa. Your decision to compare your career options isn't the Big One - it's simply the next one.

It's time to compare your options. You don't have to make any commitment. You can always move toward or step back from any of the options, at any point. You can also go after several options at the same time.