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Accountant (6:09)

Accountants work with numbers and undertake problem solving.

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Announcer (7:53)

Radio announcers work in radio and television, reading news, sports, weather, and hosting live events and programs.

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Architect (6:50)

Architects develop ideas and designs for buildings and other structures based on their clients’ needs. They prepare sketches and construction cost estimates; produce construction drawings; and review on-site construction work.

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Bus Driver (7:15)

Bus drivers transport passengers along scheduled routes, or on charter services and tours.

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Cabinetmaker (6:17)

Cabinetmakers build and repair fixtures and furniture made of wood or wood substitutes.

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Cardiology Technologist (7:33)

Cardiology technologists test, monitor and evaluate heart function using a variety of electronic equipment.

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Career Development Professional (7:50)

Career development professionals advise, coach and support people working on their career and life goals.