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Career Advisors: Easy Reading Help

Find easy–to–read resources for adults with low literacy on the following:

Easy Reading Career Planning Series

Do you counsel or help adults with low literacy skills or English as a Second Language? Are you looking for occupational and career planning information suitable for adults reading at a Grade 2 to 3 level?

Check out our Easy Reading Career Planning Series:

Career Planning

  • Work and You Book 1: Make Some Job Choices. This workbook uses stories and exercises to help adults with low literacy choose an occupational (job) goal. They will do a brief self-assessment, learn about different jobs and create a list of 1 to 3 jobs to investigate.
  • Work and You Book 2: Decide on a Job. In this workbook, adults with low literacy research and evaluate the short list of jobs they created in Work and You Book 1. In the end they will choose an occupational goal to pursue.
  • Work and You: Help for Career Advisors. Learn about the Work and You books and how to use them with your clients. Includes learning outcomes and strategies, a list of additional occupations and other helpful resources.

Job Profiles

  • Easy Reading Job Profiles. These 24 profiles are adapted from existing OCCinfo profiles. They've been selected, written and formatted for adults with low literacy.
  • Easy Reading Job Profiles: Help for Career Advisors (PDF). Learn about the Easy Reading Job Profiles and how to use them with your clients. Includes a quick reference chart to help you quickly find similar jobs, related career videos and OCCinfo profiles for each Easy Reading Job Profile.
  • Job Profiles by Occupational Cluster (PDF). Profiles are grouped into 8 occupational clusters developed for the Easy Reading Job Profiles. Use it to help your clients find related occupations.


  • Easy Reading Dictionary. The dictionary includes difficult words found in the job profiles. You can guide your clients to the dictionary online or print a (PDF) for use with your clients.
  • Easy Reading Binder Cover and Spine (PDF). Use this printable cover and spine to store all of the Easy Reading products in one package.


Do you also assist adults with low literacy or English as a Second Language with their job search or job preparation? These newspaper-style guides provide easy-to-read information on workplace and work search topics. Each guide has accompanying Teaching Notes that include exercises and activities you can download and photocopy for client use.

  • Be Safe at Work This guide helps clients learn to stay safe and healthy at work. It shows them how to spot danger, use safety equipment, report injuries and talk to their employers about their health and safety concerns.
  • Employment Law Protects Workers This guide provides basic information about minimum wage, vacations, rest breaks, overtime, statutory holidays and how to read a pay stub. A great resource for someone new to the workforce.
  • Find A Job This work-related guide uses stories and exercises to help Albertans with low literacy skills find the job they want.
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