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Junior Forest Rangers


When can I apply for a Crew Member Position?Answer

We accept JFR Crew Member positions from all excited Albertan High School students ages 16 - 18 years old on February 1st each year! Applications will close on April 1st each year. Interested individuals must create a profile and apply through the Government of Alberta Job Board. Please see our applications page for more details.

When can I apply for a Crew Leader position?Answer

We accept applications for JFR Crew Leader positions from all excited humans mid December each year! Applications will close on in the first week of February each year. Interested individuals must create a profile and apply through the Government of Alberta Job Board. Please see our applications page for more details.

Do I need to pay anything to be a part of the JFR program?Answer

There is no cost associated with our Crew Member or Crew Leader positions. This is a summer job and you are paid to do it! There is also no cost to live on base and all meals are covered during the season.

However, you will need the appropriate gear to work outdoors in various conditions. You may need to purchase clothing, gear or CSA approved work boots to meet our safety requirements. Check out our equipment list to see what we recommend.

Do bases have Wi-Fi?Answer

Some do and some do not. It depends on where you are stationed for the summer! Crews will often go into town on the weekend to run errands and find some wi-fi in a local library or rec center. But don't we all need a break from technology? 

As a Crew Member, can I drive myself to training?Answer

It is highly recommended that Crew Members are dropped off for training. Crew Members who drive personal vehicles are not permitted to drive them during the summer, except over the August long weekend. You may be able to make arrangements to car pool, please contact us or your Crew Leaders to sort out the details. 

Can I earn high school work experience credits?Answer

Yes! You must speak to a teacher, your career counsellor, or Careers Next Generation to get the process started before the summer. We then work with schools across the province to get you up to 10 high school credits.

Are pets allowed at Bull of the Woods?Answer

Unfortunately, no. As much as we love furry family members they are not allowed at the Cold Creek Fire Base for our Bull of the Woods event. For the safety of all pets, please plan ahead and leave them at home instead of in your vehicle. 

Do you have any promo material that I can share?Answer

Yes! If you are a teacher, career counsellor, or JFR enthusiast and would like to put up a poster somewhere we would be overjoyed. 

If you are looking for physical copies of the above documents, please contact us.

Are you folks affiliated with the Junior Forest Wardens (JFW) Program?Answer

We are separate programs! 

While some of our members have done JFW in the past and our names sound pretty similar, that is the extent of our overlap. The JFW program is an excellent way to get young people (grades 1 to 12) involved in environmental literacy and skill building. If you are interested, there are active chapters all over Alberta that run year round programing for the whole family!

Can I still apply if I am graduating high school?Answer

Yes! You can definitely still apply if you are between 16-18 and graduating from grade 12. 

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