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Online Application Forms or Resumé Builders

Some employer websites and job search websites use online application forms or resumé builders. These forms look a bit like paper application forms.

At employer events and at some businesses, you may be able to use a computer keyboard and a resumé builder program and apply for jobs online. Be sure to bring your resumé with you so you can refer to it.

If you’re using an online application form or resumé builder at a job search website, make sure you protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Uploading your resumé

If you have a choice, it’s usually better to upload your resumé directly to a website rather than filling in an online form.

Uploading allows you to control how you present your qualifications. It doesn’t limit the amount of text you can use or your ability to use editing tools like spellcheck. 

Using an online application form 

1. Copy and paste

If possible, copy and paste from your ASCII format resumé into the boxes on the form. (For more information, see Formatting Your Resumé as a Plain Text Document.)

Carefully review the results of your copying and pasting. You may have to adjust your resumé text to fit into the spaces provided on the form.

Practise first. You can practice copying and pasting your resumé into a form at the Monster job search website. You’ll need to register on the website to do this. Follow the steps. Cancel if you don’t actually want to post your resumé on Monster.

2. If you can’t copy and paste

If you can’t copy and paste, you may need to retype the information from your resumé directly into the required application form.

  • Take your time.
  • Refer to your resumé as you type into the form.
  • Tailor your resumé to fit the requirements of the form.
  • Be sure to enter the correct information into the correct box or text field.
  • Check spelling, grammar and spacing before submitting the form. If possible, have someone proofread again once you've done your review.
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