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Look For Work

Work Search: Get the Information You Need

Are you facing a decision about a career change?

Maybe you are looking for work or changing your job. Or perhaps you are thinking about going back to school or signing up for courses or programs.

To make an informed decision, you need to know your options.

Research online

If you are looking to make a change in your life, you can start by doing some research. Use the alis website to find out more about:

Employer websites are also valuable sources of information. You can find job leads and information about the organization’s products, services, and business goals.

Explore union, professional and industry association websites to find information about specific industries and occupations and make contact with people in a specific field.

Use a job search engine when you’re looking for work. These search engines scan only job–related websites, job boards and employer sites. You can usually browse or search by job category or location.

Talk to people

Once you have finished searching online, talk to as many people as you can for relevant, up–to–date information.

Talk with people in your network. The people you know and the people they know may be able to connect you with employers who are hiring, employees you can job shadow or students enrolled in a program or school you’re interested in.

The career and employment counsellors at Alberta Supports Centres can connect you with information and help you with your career, employment, and education options. Call or find a Centre near you. If you visit in person, they can help you:

  • Access a computer and learn how to use the Internet
  • Connect with print resources, such as newspapers, trade magazines, and career planning information
  • Research occupations, businesses, labour market conditions, and educational opportunities.

You can meet employers face–to–face and find out about current job vacancies through Employer Connections events at Alberta Supports Centres.

Consider attending a job or career fair. You can get information about occupations, employers and other industry information. You can find job fair ads posted at Alberta Supports Centres and in the business section of newspapers.

Check out news sources

Use general interest news sources to obtain a broad view of what’s happening in your community. Local daily and weekly papers are good starting points for information about the economy and labour market as well as job ads from employers you might be interested in. Feature stories and TV documentaries give in-depth information about specific occupations and organizations.

Use trade magazines to find information on specific industries and occupations. You can find out about trends and developments in an industry, identify potential employers and explore occupations.

Information for informed decisions

The best decisions are informed decisions. By researching your options, you can make decisions based on factual information rather than on guesswork. The more you know about your career options, the more likely you are to choose the one that’s best for you.

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