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Types of Interviews

Reduce your pre–interview anxiety by knowing what to expect:

  • Find out what type of interview it will be.
  • Understand the interview process.

There are several different ways to interview candidates and an employer may use one or more of them to assess you. When you’re contacted for an interview, ask what type of interview to expect.

Screening interviews are used to eliminate candidates who don’t have the required qualifications or who may not be a good fit for the organization. Screening interviews may be:

  • in person
  • by phone
  • by computer
  • as a member of a group, where each person answers a question about themselves or makes a short statement

Some employers also use proficiency tests to screen candidates (for example, tests to demonstrate your writing ability or accounting skills).

Panel interviews are conducted by a group of people, often representing different areas of the company.

Serial interviews can be individual, group or panel interviews or any combination of these. If you succeed at the first interview, you move on to the next.

Video or conference call interviews are used to interview candidates who live at a distant location. Some employers ask candidates to respond to a list of questions on video before inviting them back for an in–person interview.

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