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Plan for School or Training

You know that a better education can mean a better future. But if you're on your own, staying in school may not be easy. Get started with these resources.

Learning opens up opportunities and can help you achieve your goals. Going to school allows you to build skills, discover strengths and gain experience.

There are many programs available and many ways for you to continue your learning. To find out about them, visit the links on this page.

What Kind of Learning Are You Looking For?

Career planning is a good place to start if you’re not sure what you want or need to learn.

Finishing high school prepares you to find work you like, or to continue your learning.

Learning after high school includes post-secondary options, from skills training and upgrading to apprenticeship, college and university.

Money for School

You may be wondering about how you’ll pay for school costs and cover your living expenses while you’re a student. The Paying for School section will help you find out more.

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