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Plan Your Career

Tools & Resources

Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP) Video (1:11)

This video talks about the features of the Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP), which the government launched on April 4, 2022, to make it easier for youth in government care and young adults who were previously in care to successfully transition to adulthood.

Explore Education and Training

Youth Reflections: Career Paths

Wondering what type of work you want to do? Watch these videos to get information related to career paths, education, jobs, and the workplace.

Youth Reflections: Hobbies

See how teens are connecting their hobbies to interesting career and learning paths.

The Budget Game

This game from the UK challenges you to manage your money for three months. There are bills to pay, food and travel to budget for, plus loads of fun things to spend your money on. Get it right and your happiness will soar, but spend too much and you’ll have a financial headache.

Northern Residents

Students in grades 9 to 12 and first–year post–secondary students may be eligible for Northern Alberta Development Council funding. This could help you finish high school and make a successful transition to post–secondary training.

Look for Work

Plan a Gap Year That Works for You

Finished school and wondering what’s next? Studying but not sure if you’re on the right path? Find out how a planned gap year can help you explore options.

Transfer Your College and University Skills into the Workplace

As a post-secondary student, you’re learning skills that employers need, such as solving problems and using technology. Discover how to market and transfer these skills to find the job you want.

Gateway Jobs Open Doors

Looking for work? What kind of job could grow your skills? Are you in an entry-level position now? How is your current job a gateway job for future work?

What is Globalization?

It's a small, big world. Companies can operate all over the world and around the clock. Goods, services, and finances move around easily. This is globalization. It is a force that will continue to have an impact on the career choices you’re making now and in the future. Find out about the opportunities and challenges.

Succeed at Work