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Job Search Resources for Students

Finding a job while attending school can be tricky, but there are several resources to make it easier.

Check out these tips and resources to help you find a job while attending school.

Online job listings

The internet can help you find several job opportunities. You can search for jobs based on where you want to work, your skills, your level of experience, or they type of job you're interested in. 

Alis features thousands of job posting, with filters to help you target the job that's best for you. Try the following filters on Alberta Job Postings:

Here are some links to other student job banks:

School Career Centres

Many schools in Alberta offer Career Centres. Here, you can connect with counsellors to get advice on writing a good resumé, getting ready for interviews, and finding out about job options

If you're in high school, you can earn credits towards your diploma by working or volunteering outside of school. Options like dual credit programs and the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) can give you a head start on the career you want after high school, while putting money in your pocket now. Talk to your school counsellor to find out if a dual credit pathway is right for you. 

Going to job fairs

Jobs fairs are a place where different companies come to meet people who want to work. They often offer a variety of entry-level jobs that don't require a lot of work experience. Going to a job fair is like visiting a market for job opportunities. You can learn about different companies, ask questions, and give them your resumé. It's sort of like speed dating for employment. 

Here are some resources to help you find a job fair in your area of Alberta:

Talking to people

Many job opportunities aren't advertised. That's one of the big reasons why networking is so important. It's a way to meet professionals who know about jobs and different industries. They can tell you about job openings that you might not see online. 

Volunteering to learn

Helping out for free can also teach you skills for a job. Volunteering can show you have good qualities that employers like, even if you haven't worked before. You might meet people who know about job openings too. Think of it like practicing for the real job journey.

There are several organizations that help connect students with volunteer opportunities in Alberta:

  • The Canada Service Corps (CSC)—Offers meaningful volunteer service opportunities to youth aged 15 to 30 from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
  • Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC)—A Network of non-profit organizations offering youth team-based service experiences that build life and work skills.
  • VolunteerConnector—An online platform that allows users to search for volunteer opportunities using a variety of filters, such as the cause you'd like to support or the type of work you'd like to do.
  • Volunteer Alberta—Operates volunteer centres across Alberta that connect people with volunteer opportunities in the local area.

Asking family and friends

Your family and friends might know about job openings or have friends who can help. Don't be afraid to talk to them about your job search. They might have useful advice that can help you. Plus, it's a good idea to regularly discuss your career plans with your family, especially if they're going to help pay for your post-secondary education.

Your path to employment won't always be easy. But learning about the challenges of looking for work and how to overcome them is a skill you can use throughout your life. 

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