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Job Information Worksheet ✓ Easy Reading

You can use a job information worksheet to help you research your top job choices.

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Complete a job information worksheet for each of the top job choices you listed in Narrow Down Your Job Choices. The worksheets will help you find answers to many important questions:

  • What is the workplace like?
  • What education do workers need for this job?
  • What physical activity do they do?

Write your first job choice at the top of the worksheet below. You can ask some of these questions. You may also know some of the answers.

  • Do you know the answers to some of these questions? Put a check mark beside those answers.
  • Did you talk to someone about their job? Did you find out some more information? Put a check mark beside those answers.
  • Do you have answers that are not on the list? You can enter them in the box below the word “other.”
  • It’s OK to put check marks beside more than 1 box.
  • Click "Add Activity" at the bottom of the worksheet to create a worksheet for your second job choice. Repeat this step for each of your top job choices. 


You can use this worksheet to write down information about your job choice. You can talk to someone about their job. You can ask your career advisor or tutor to help you. Or maybe you can ask a family member or friend.

What will you do next?

Make sure you do a worksheet for each of your top job choices. Then you will be ready to Compare Your Top Job Choices. Comparing your job choices to each other will help you choose the job that's best for you. 

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