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Use the Internet to Find Work Opportunities

If you’re looking for a job, the Internet is a great way to find and apply for advertised jobs and to post your resumé where employers can view it.

In your work search, be sure you take advantage of a variety of sources, including the Alberta job postings here on alis, job search engines, job search websites, employer websites and directories. For more information about using these resources, follow the guidelines below.

Use job search engines to look for jobs and employers

Job search engines search only for jobs, so they can be more effective for work search than general search engines.

First, set up a search for a particular type of job (for example, journeyperson ironworker or occupational health and safety trainer) in a particular location. There may be other options to help you fine tune your search. Then, the job search engine scans employer websites, job search websites, professional and other association websites, and so on to find jobs matching your criteria.

The search results show you job postings that link directly to employer or recruiter websites, where you can apply for positions that interest you. You can also explore these websites for other potential work opportunities.

For a list of potential job search engines, check out Canadian job search sites on alis.

Use job search websites to look for jobs and post resumés

Job search websites list jobs posted by employers and resumés posted by job seekers. These websites can be highly competitive because so many employers and job seekers use them.

Post your resumé at well-known and well-regarded websites but don’t rely on this strategy alone to find a job—use other work search tools and techniques, too.

Follow these suggestions when you look for work on job search websites:

  • Take advantage of features on the website, like job agents or job alert services that will send you an email when a job is posted that matches your profile.
  • Edit or alter your resumé every few weeks, which will effectively repost it. Many recruiters search resumés by the date posted.
    • Use postings to identify employers who are hiring; then search for jobs directly on their websites.
    • Be aware that your posted resumé is visible to everyone, including your current employer. Read Use Job Search Sites Safely and Effectively to learn how to post your resumé securely and confidentially.

For a list of potential job search websites, check out Job Banks and Work Search Tools.

Visit professional association websites to look for jobs and work opportunities

Some professional associations host job search websites that can help you focus your work search.

Visit employer websites to look for jobs and work opportunities

Many employers prefer to hire directly through their websites, which are often a source of useful, easily accessible information about their organizations.

To locate employer websites:

  • enter the name of the organization in a search engine
  • visit industry association websites and follow links to member websites
  • use business directories (see the section on business and industry directories on this page)
  • use a job search engine or job search website.

Make the most of your visit to an employer’s website:

  • Look through the career or job opportunities pages for jobs that interest you, but also check out:
    • information about the organization’s culture, values, mission and goals
    • details about benefits or special employment programs, such as for Indigenous applicants
    • job agent features that keep your resumé on file and notify you when a suitable position is posted.
  • Read recent annual reports, product and service profiles, press releases and newsletters. You may be able to identify an employment gap or need that you could fill.
  • Look for names and contact information of supervisors or managers you could contact directly.

Use business and industry directories to find employers

Check out the following online directories:

  • The Government of Alberta maintains a directory of industry associations that offers links to each association website. Through an association’s website, you can often find member businesses. Some industry associations also provide job postings.
  • is a yellow pages-style directory that will connect you to employers in your area.
  • The Alberta Chamber of Commerce maintains links to local chambers of commerce. Check your local chamber for employers in your community.

Get more out of your work search

An effective online work search uses the full power of the Internet to identify work opportunities. When you use websites, such as job search engines, job search websites, employer websites and business and industry directories, you are more likely to connect with work opportunities that other job seekers may miss.

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