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Prepare Your Resumé Master

A resumé master is a document that gathers all your skills, accomplishments, experience and training in one place. Having these details at your fingertips will make your future work search activities faster and easier.

Use your resumé master to

  • fill out school or job applications
  • tailor your resumé for a specific job
  • remember details when preparing for a job interview

Identify your skills and accomplishments

Before you create your resumé master, you’ll need to identify your skills and accomplishments.

  • List your employment history in reverse order.
  • List your skills and accomplishments.
  • Group your skill sets for a functional or a combination resumé.
  • Use qualifiers and quantifiers to highlight your accomplishments.
  • Describe your education and training.
  • List the organizations you belong to or volunteer for. List the skills you’ve gained as a result.
  • List all the activities you’ve been involved in. List the work–related skills you’ve gained through these experiences.

Worksheet: Resumé master

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