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Graphic of blue arrows with "Set Goals" printed
Plan Your Career

Try Writing A Goal Statement

Want to turn your dream/image/vision for your future into a reality? Then start setting some goals.

Try writing a goal statement. Here is an example:

I will raise my chemistry and math marks by 10% this semester so I can meet the entrance requirements for the college program I want to take.

I will ____________________________________________________

Take these steps to reach your goals:

  1. Identify your assets—the people and things that will help you reach your goal.
    • My teachers who have offered to help me
    • My friend Cory who is good at math and chemistry, and will help me
    • My positive attitude
    • Focused on my goal

My assets: _______________________________

  1. Look at the barriers between you and your goal.
    • I don’t have enough time to do my homework.
    • I work three 6-hour shifts a week.
    • I don’t always understand the concepts in chemistry and math.

The barriers: _____________________________

  1. Brainstorm around the barriers.
    • I could help my concentration by doing homework in my room rather than in front of the TV.
    • I could spend less time on social media.
    • I could offer to take the Sunday morning shift that no one wants, in order to make it easier to get one less shift a week?
    • I could meet with each of my teachers 1 noon hour a week.

Brainstorm ideas: _________________________

  1. Make an action plan.
    • I will study at my desk in my room.
    • I will give myself a half-hour online before I do my homework and I’ ll stick to it.
    • I will ask my supervisor if I can work one less shift a week.
    • I will meet with each teacher once a week.

My action plan: ___________________________

Share your goals and your action plan with your Board of Directors, friends, and family and ask them to help you reach your goals.

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