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Market Gardener: Occupations in Alberta - alis

Are you enticed by the thought of growing your own garden? Does selling your harvest at fairs and markets sound exciting? Do you like the idea of running your own business? Then you may want to produc…

Market Research Analyst: Occupations in Alberta - alis

Are you interested in marketing and the retail industry? Are you intrigued by what makes some products sell more easily than others? Do you enjoy research? Then you may want to buy into a career as a…

What Is Labour Market Information? - alis

Labour market (job market) information tells you about the current work and job environments in specific regions. It includes information about specific companies, industries and occupations.

How Does Labour Market Information Help You? - alis

Labour market information is information you need to make informed decisions about your future.

Where to Find Labour Market Information - alis

One of the most complete sources of labour market information is the Internet. You can find just about everything you’d ever want to know about occupations, employment and the workplace.

Use Labour Market Trends to Find Career Opportunities - alis

You want to make good education and career decisions. Discover how labour market information can help you find trends and opportunities in the job market.

Research Industry and Labour Market Trends in Alberta - alis

Looking for work in Alberta? Find sources for information on Alberta industry outlooks, labour demand, salaries, and more.

Getting Back on Your Feet When the Job Market is Tight - alis

Changes in the labour market can mean that your occupation no longer provides as many opportunities as it used to. Your training, education, and job experience still have value, even if it’s outside t…

Separating the Best LMI from the Rest - alis

These suggestions will help you make sense of labour market information, determine how it will affect you and use it to your advantage in making career decisions.

Time to Choose Your Post-Secondary Education - alis

Graduating from high school? Thinking about continuing your education? Time to Choose has all the information you need to help you find an Alberta post-secondary program that meets your career goals.…

Management Consultant: Occupations in Alberta - alis

Do you enjoy doing research? Are you good at coping with change? Are you organized and have good judgement? Do you like to give advice? Then becoming a management consultant may be your career objecti…

How to Find and Keep Valued Employees - alis

Small or large, for profit or not-for-profit, staffing is one of the biggest challenges for all organizations. So those employers who are able to find and keep valued employees gain the upper hand in…

Occupations in Demand - alis

Want to know what jobs Alberta employers will need to fill over the next few years? Researchers keep an eye on the labour market and put together lists of careers in demand. Take a look and see if one…

Order Publications - alis

Current, well-researched and easy-to-understand career planning, learning, employment, and labour market information resources are available free of charge in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavu…

Labour Market Reports and Reviews - alis

Post-Secondary Graduate? Take These 4 Steps and Be Job Ready - alis

You’ve finished post-secondary and have graduated with your academic qualifications in hand. Try these 4 practical steps and be ready for the job market.

Canada Labour Code - alis

Gives the official legislative text of the Labour Code.

Work Search Help - alis

There are lots of resources available to help you build your work search skills, market yourself and find the work you want.

Marketing Manager: Occupations in Alberta - alis

Are you interested in commercials and advertisements? Are you creative? Are you persuasive and inspiring? Can you manage projects? Then you may be sold on a career as a marketing manager.