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Career Information Hotline

Toll Free 1-800-661-3753

Edmonton 780-422-4266

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Resumé Review Service

The Career Information Hotline and Alberta Works / Alberta Supports Centres provide residents of Alberta with free advice on how to improve their resumés.

Before Getting Resumé Advice

Take these steps to make sure you’re ready for your conversation:

  1. Visit the Resumés and References section and learn:
  2. Research your occupation on OCCinfo:
    • Search for some of the job titles you’d like to apply for. Click the orange search results to learn more about those occupations.
    • Print or bookmark ones that seem like a good fit. The View the Full Profile button will let you see everything about the occupation at once.
    • Decide which occupation you’d like to focus on.
  3. Make changes to your resumé and cover letter based on what you’ve learned:
    • Have printed copies of your resumé, cover letter and occupational profile on hand. Be ready to discuss them.
    • Have a pen or pencil ready so you can make notes.
    • Set aside some time for your phone call or visit. You may need to wait for a career specialist to be available.

Discussing Your Resumé

If you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to discuss your resumé.

To Discuss Your Resumé in Person…

…contact your nearest Alberta Works / Alberta Supports Centre. Ask for more information about free resumé workshops available in your area.

To Discuss Your Resumé Over the Phone…

…contact the Career Information Hotline:

At the prompt, select the Resumé Queue Line.

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