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Wondering what type of work you want to do? Watch these videos to get information related to career planning, education, jobs and the workplace.
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Tools & Resources

Accommodations Manager (5:47)

Accommodation managers direct and control the operations of privately and publicly owned hotels, motels, campgrounds, trailer parks, camps, hostels and post-secondary school residences.

Tools & Resources

Accountant (6:09)

Accountants work with numbers and undertake problem solving.

Tools & Resources

Acupuncturist (5:47)

Acupuncturists follow the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to diagnose and treat illness, physiological disorders and injuries. They use special needles or other methods to stimulate various points on the body.

Tools & Resources

Administrative Assistant (5:13)

Administrative assistants perform administrative duties ranging from general office tasks to acting as special assistants in particular departments.

Tools & Resources

Agricultural Equipment Technician (5:29)

Agricultural equipment technicians repair, overhaul and maintain agricultural equipment including tractors, tillage equipment, seeding equipment and harvesting equipment.

Tools & Resources

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (4:48)

Aircraft maintenance engineers/technicians install, modify, service and repair components of jets, helicopters, propeller-driven airplanes and other aircraft.

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Airline Pilot (5:47)

Airline pilots fly aircraft transporting passengers, cargo and mail. With the exception of some small aircraft, a captain and first officer work together on commercial flights.

Tools & Resources

Animal Care Attendant (5:07)

Animal care attendants feed, clean and generally care for animals in animal shelters, stables, kennels, pet shops, veterinary clinics, aquariums, zoos and wildlife parks.