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Gateway Jobs

If you're working now, how is your job a gateway job? If you're looking for work, what gateway job could you look for?

A gateway job: 

  • Is an entry-level job that requires little experience or training
  • Is a way to explore a sector
  • Is a way to develop skills specific to a sector
  • Is a way to develop skills that transfer across sectors

Working as a bus person in a restaurant is a typical gateway job. If you had this job, you could use it as an opportunity to:

  • Learn how to manage your time and duties successfully.
  • Practise and improve your communication skills.
  • Learn about and practise customer service.
  • Observe servers and their work.
  • Observe chefs and their work.
  • Learn about the restaurant business.
  • Learn about the hospitality sector and so on …

Use a gateway job to your advantage 

Even if you: 

  • Haven’t made career path decisions
  • Have no idea what kind of occupation you’d like to work in
  • Are looking for a job because you need the money
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