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A career change can be hard, especially if you didn’t expect it. Learn about the 3 stages that most people go through when adjusting to change.
If you are looking for work as a mature worker, common beliefs about aging can work for you or against you. Learn how to combat negative stereotypes and take advantage of positive ones.
As factors in your life evolve, so do your financial needs and career objectives. In times of change, make sure your career plan and financial goals support each other.
To find work that’s the best fit for you, you’ll need to understand your work preferences. These preferences will reflect your most important skills, interests, and values.
A global marketplace, flexible work weeks, and ongoing technology updates are offering countless choices for the way Albertans work.
You want to make good education and career decisions. Discover how labour market information can help you find trends and opportunities in the job market.
Organizations are hiring all the time, even when they choose not to advertise. The trick is finding these hidden jobs. Here’s how.
If you left high school early, if you need a few more credits or better marks, or if you attended school in a country with different requirements, you might want to consider upgrading or finishing high school.
Think about the skills and knowledge you need to stay current and to prepare for the future. Then use the following tips to increase your effectiveness as you learn for work.
As a mature worker, you may find today’s competitive labour market very different from the last time you looked for work. Learn how to navigate the new reality, and where to get support.
Click or call Alberta Supports to access career services and related information, including student funding information.
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Alberta Supports

Having trouble finding a job? Not sure what career path to take? Need help writing your resumé?

The Government of Alberta can help.

Access career services near you

Local, government-funded career services are available across Alberta. Explore these online directories to find supports in your area:

Access Alberta Supports online

The staff at Alberta Supports are only a click or call away.

Visit the Alberta Supports website to find information and referrals about career, education, and employment options in Alberta.

For general questions about services and benefits, you can email Alberta Supports.

Call Alberta Supports

Call Alberta Supports for information on the services and benefits available.

Alberta Supports career and education services

Alberta Support offers several services to assist you:

Career planning

  • Clarify, change, or create a career path
  • Explore career options

Education and training

  • Discover full-time and part-time schooling and distance learning opportunities
  • Learn about apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, and degrees
  • Identify funding options including training while receiving Employment Insurance

Job search skills

  • Find work opportunities
  • Write a resumé and cover letter
  • Prepare for interviews

Alberta Supports staff can also show you training options for skills that are in demand and offer guidance on starting a self-employment program.

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