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Management Consultant

Management consultants are contracted by organizations to provide independent and objective advisory services in areas such as strategic planning, facilitation, quality assurance, education and training, investment, information technology, identification and analysis of management problems, solution development and strategy implementation.

  • Avg. Salary $92,531.00
  • Avg. Wage $47.85
  • Minimum Education 4 years post-secondary
  • Outlook avg
  • Employed 15,100
  • In Demand Medium
Also Known As

Business Management Consultant, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Dispute Resolution Specialist

NOC Codes

In Canada, the federal government groups and organizes occupations based on a National Occupational Classification (NOC) system. This alis occupation may not reflect the entire NOC group it is part of. Data for the NOC group can apply across multiple occupations.

The NOC system is updated every 5 years to reflect changes in the labour market. Government forms and labour market data may group and refer to an occupation differently, depending on the system used. Here is how this occupation has been classified over time:

  • 2006 NOC: Management Consultants (1122.1) 
  • 2006 NOC-S: Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management (B022) 
  • 2011 NOC: Professional occupations in business management consulting (1122) 
  • 2016 NOC: Professional occupations in business management consulting (1122) 
Skills Shortage

Employers that Recruited in the Last 2 Years

Average Wage
  • Certification Provincially Regulated
  • Strength Required Lift up to 5 kg
Interest Codes
The Management Consultant is part of the following larger National Occupational Classification (NOC).
Management Consultants

Interest in analyzing managerial methods and organization of public and private sector establishments; in conducting research to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and programs, in conducting quality audits, and in developing quality management and quality assurance standards for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) registration


Interest in conducting assessments and proposing, planning and implementing improvements to methods, systems and procedures in areas such as operations, human resources, records management and communications; may supervise contracted researchers and clerical staff


Interest in consulting with senior officials to provide advice on managerial methods and organization of public and private sector establishments

Reading Interest Codes
A Quick Guide

The interest code helps you figure out if you’d like to work in a particular occupation. 
It’s based on the Canadian Work Preference Inventory (CWPI), which measures 5 occupational interests: Directive, Innovative, Methodical, Objective and Social.

Each set of 3 interest codes is listed in order of importance.

A code in capital letters means it’s a strong fit for the occupation.

A code in all lowercase letters means the fit is weaker.

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Updated Jan 31, 2017

Organizations hire management consultants when they do not have the required resources or expertise in-house, or when they need external objective advice. They may ask consultants to help them manage change or solve problems.

In general, management consultants:

  • define the nature and extent of a project by gathering information (which may include conducting research to determine the current efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and procedures)
  • analyze the data collected and use their background knowledge to develop proposals for improving methods, systems or procedures
  • present their recommendations to the client organization
  • assist in implementing their recommendations, if required.

Most management consultants specialize in particular fields (for example, accounting, communications, finance, human resources, marketing, materials management, organizational restructuring, quality or efficiency). There are as many different types of specializations as there are types of business challenges:

  • Finance consultants provide advice on matters such as pricing securities, business valuation and economic forecasting.
  • Human resources consultants provide advice about recruitment practices, compensation and benefits packages, pension funding, workforce diversification and employee-development programs.
  • Litigation consultants work with lawyers to develop case strategies and courtroom exhibits and tactics, and to provide economic analyses.
  • Marketing consultants work with companies seeking innovative ways to market new or existing products and services.
  • Operations consultants help organizations increase productivity by improving business processes.
  • Organizational change consultants work with clients undergoing fundamental changes in the way they operate.
  • Quality management consultants help organizations improve the quality of their products and services.
  • Strategic consultants help organizations with strategic planning for the foreseeable future (which may include developing a growth strategy, restructuring, marketing internationally, buying or selling assets or revitalizing leadership).
  • Technology consultants help organizations implement new technologies. For more information, see the Information Systems Consultant occupational profile.
Working Conditions
Updated Jan 31, 2017

Management consultants often work long hours. They divide their time between their own offices and clients' workplaces, and may spend a significant amount of time travelling. When observing industrial operations, they must follow the same safety procedures as other visitors and workers.

Management consultants work under pressure of deadlines and clients' high expectations. Many clients expect to see dramatic improvements in business performance in a very short period of time. Within the client organization, management consultants also may have to deal with hostile employees who are afraid of losing their jobs.

  • Strength Required Lift up to 5 kg
Skills & Abilities
Updated Jan 31, 2017

Management consultants need to possess:

  • energy, confidence and creativity
  • the ability to remain objective, think analytically, synthesize new information quickly and exercise good judgment
  • good listening skills, tact and the ability to communicate with all kinds of people in person and in writing
  • problem-solving skills
  • the ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • the ability to recognize the dynamics and politics of an organization
  • the ability to influence and persuade executives to make decisions.

They should enjoy analyzing managerial methods and conducting research, taking charge of situations and providing critical assessments and constructive advice. This includes presenting findings and recommendations to individuals or groups of decision-makers and fielding critical questions about recommendations.

Educational Requirements
Updated Jan 31, 2017

Management consultants are experts in specific disciplines or business areas. A master's degree, preferably in business administration or management, though not required, is generally considered to be the best academic preparation for this field. Some successful management consultants have a bachelor's degree or years of experience in middle and upper levels of management.

Since management consulting covers many professional and industrial fields, bachelor's degrees in a variety of disciplines provide a suitable background for those wishing to go on to a master's program. Admission requirements for bachelor's programs vary, but generally include a high school diploma with English Language Arts 30-1 and 4 other suitable 30-level subjects.

Related Education

The following schools offer programs or courses that are related to this occupation but are not required to enter the field.

For a broad list of programs and courses that may be related to this occupation try searching using keywords.

Certification Requirements
Updated Jan 31, 2017
Additional Information

Specific professional accreditation is considered an asset. Depending on their area of expertise, management consultants may hold other professional certifications such as

  • Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) for human resources consultants. For more information see the Human Resources Professional occupational profile.
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) for finance consultants. For more information see the Accountant occupational profile.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) for operations and other types of consultants. For more information see the Project Management Professional occupational profile.


Management Consultant

Management consultants are contracted by organizations to provide independent and objective advisory services in areas such as strategic planning, facilitation, quality assurance, education and training, investment, identification and analysis of management problems, solution development or strategy implementation.


Certified Management Consultant is a protected title under Alberta's Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act (PDF). This means that to call yourself a Certified Management Consultant or CMC, you must be a registered member of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta (ICMCA).

The CMC designation is internationally recognized in over 40 countries around the world, and reciprocal recognition of the designation between all regulatory bodies affiliated with the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes is assured. You do not have to be registered if you do not call yourself a Certified Management Consultant or use the initials CMC after your name.

What You Need

CMC candidates must:

  • have a university degree or a professional licence (for example, Chartered Professional Accountant)
  • have a minimum of 3 years of relevant management consulting experience
  • successfully complete required professional education programs
  • pass a peer-reviewed oral assessment.

All provincial Certifying Institutes are affiliated through CMC-Canada and share common credentialing criteria and a Uniform Code of Professional Conduct. For official, detailed information about the Certified Management Consultant designation contact ICMCA or visit the CMC-Canada website.

Contact Details

Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta (ICMCA)
Box 761, Station M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2J3
Phone: 416-860-1515
Toll-free phone: 800-268-1148
Fax number: 416-860-1535
Toll-free fax: 800-662-2972

Employment & Advancement
Updated Jan 31, 2017

Management consultants are self-employed or employed by established consulting firms. Those who are self-employed must market their services and establish and maintain professional credibility. This field is highly competitive.

Management consultants employed by consulting firms may become team leaders and, later, senior consultants. Only a relative few achieve the status of senior partner in large consulting firms.

After gaining experience as an employee in a consulting firm, many management consultants set up their own firms. Even experienced and respected managers who leave salaried positions to become consultants often must subcontract their services to more established consultants to begin building their own client base.

Management consultants are part of the larger 2011 National Occupational Classification 1122: Professional occupations in business services to management. In Alberta, 75% of people employed in this classification work in the following industries:

The employment outlook (PDF) in this occupation will be influenced by a wide variety of factors including:

  • trends and events affecting overall employment (especially in the industries listed above)
  • location in Alberta
  • employment turnover (work opportunities generated by people leaving existing positions)
  • occupational growth (work opportunities resulting from the creation of new positions)
  • size of the occupation.

In Alberta, the 1122: Professional occupations in business management consulting occupational group is expected to have an average annual growth of 1.9% from 2019 to 2023. In addition to job openings created by employment turnover, 308 new positions are forecasted to be created within this occupational group each year.

Employment turnover is expected to increase as members of the baby boom generation retire over the next few years.

Wage & Salary
Updated Jan 31, 2017

Professional occupations in business management consulting

Survey Methodology

Survey Analysis

Overall Wage Details
Average Wage
Average Salary
Hours Per Week

Hourly Wage
For full-time and part-time employees
  • Low
  • High
  • Average
  • Median
Wages* Low (5th percentile) High (95th percentile) Average Median
Starting $23.08 $62.50 $39.61 $38.46
Overall $27.64 $77.18 $47.85 $45.92
Top $31.20 $109.13 $56.44 $51.49

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* All wage estimates are hourly except where otherwise indicated. Wages and salaries do not include overtime hours, tips, benefits, profit shares, bonuses (unrelated to production) and other forms of compensation.

A: High Reliability
Data Reliability Code Definition

High Reliability, represents a CV of less than or equal to 6.00% and 30 survey observations and/or represents 50% or more of all estimated employment for the occupation.

Industry Information
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Wholesale Trade
Public Administration
Health Care & Social Assistance
Educational Services
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Leasing
Other Services (Repair, Personal Services and Related)

Skills Shortage

Employers that Recruited in the Last 2 Years


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Employers with Unfilled Vacancies of over 4 Months


Vacancy Rate

Related Post-Secondary Field of Study
  • Business, Management and Administrative Studies
Other Sources of Information
Updated Jan 31, 2017

Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada) website:

Get information and referrals about career, education, and employment options from Alberta Supports.

Updated Jan 31, 2017. The information contained in this profile is current as of the dates shown. Salary, employment outlook, and educational program information may change without notice. It is advised that you confirm this information before making any career decisions.

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