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Assessing You: The First Step in Career Planning

What skills and assets do you have for the job market? What skills and assets do employers want? Find out how to identify your strengths and package them for today’s world of work.

Intended Audience: Teachers/Counsellors,Job Seekers,Youth

Maximum Order Quantity: 300

Easy Reading Keep Your Job

This work-related guide uses stories and exercises to help Albertans with low literacy skills keep their job. Easy Reading Keep Your Job covers important topics such as: what employers want, building good work skills and attitudes, workplace rights and responsibilities and making sure their job is a good fit. Readers are encouraged to contact their career advisor or tutor for help when using this book.

Intended Audience: Career & HR Practitioners,Teachers/Counsellors,Low Literacy,Newcomers

Maximum Order Quantity: 300

Easy Reading Keep Your Job: Help for Career Advisors

This accompanying guide to Easy Reading Keep Your Job is for career advisors and tutors who work with adults with low literacy skills. The guide includes objectives and strategies, supplemental activities and other resources to help advisors support clients in maintaining employment.

Available Online Only

Easy Reading Work Laws and Your Pay Stub

Easy Reading Work Laws and Your Pay Stub helps those with lower literacy skills understand employment standards in relation to a paycheque. This resource introduces the rules for items seen on a pay stub, overtime, leaves and notification requirements when leaving a job.

Intended Audience: Career & HR Practitioners,Teachers/Counsellors,Employers/Mgrs./Supvrs.,Low Literacy,Newcomers,Workers

Easy Reading Work Laws and Your Pay Stub: Help for Advisors

This guide helps advisors and tutors support clients with understanding financial matters about their pay. It includes expanded information on topics and links to readily available resources.

Intended Audience: Career & HR Practitioners,Teachers/Counsellors,Employers/Mgrs./Supvrs.

Available Online Only

Education and Training Planner

Are you planning to take education or training? Explore the programs you need and the steps required to make this change.

Intended Audience: Job Seekers

Maximum Order Quantity: 300

Money 101: Budgeting Basics for Further Education

Money 101: Budgeting Basics for Further Education is written for high school students and those already engaged in post-secondary studies. It provides information and tips about basic money management and how to finance post-secondary education.

Intended Audience: Teachers/Counsellors,Parents,Youth

Maximum Order Quantity: 300

My Choices, My Work, My Life

Whether you are career planning, changing your job, upgrading your skills or trying to work with personal needs, this guide will lead you closer to your life vision.

Intended Audience: Teachers/Counsellors,Job Seekers,Workers,Youth

Maximum Order Quantity: 300